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Updating the color palette of your home can turn a plain house into a real gem on the block.  Bring home sample color that is on your house to compare the color samples with can be very helpful in finding your complementary colors.  Here are some tips to consider when getting ready to make a final choice:

Consider your home’s architecture and geographic location

Research what color combinations are typically used with your home’s style.  Also factor the normal color palettes used in your region.  For example, are most homes in your area using earth tones, seaside colors or traditional Colonial colors?   You can also bring it to a neighborhood level by factoring in the colors of your neighbor’s houses and others on your street.  Will your color choices work well with theirs and complement each other?  Most people want their home to be unique but also fit in to their surroundings and not “stick out like a sore thumb” so to speak.  Finding your unique colors within these search criteria will result in a final product that you will be thoroughly satisfied with.

Consider the long term 

These colors will be on your home for a long time, probably 10 years or more.  Therefore it is certainly worth the extra time now to consider your best options.

Colors can affect the scale of the house

Lighter shades can visually make the home appear bigger while darker shades may make the home appear smaller.

Color WheelBe sure the colors work together

Deciding on colors that complement each other or may even provide an interesting contrast in some cases can create a delightful color scheme.  The main color combined with the trim color and any accent colors such as the front door or shutters should work together harmoniously.

Test it out 

When painting, on the back side of your house or somewhere that is less noticeable, apply your colors to small areas to see how they will look.  You can get sample size jars or cans at most home improvement stores.  If you are doing siding and trim that may already have your color on it, bring a piece of each home and see how it will look.   It is much better to test it out this way than to just go ahead and order everything and hope it works out.

“See” it before it’s even on your house

Some home improvement stores, paint and siding manufacturers or other online software may offer you the ability to take a picture of your house and virtually apply the paint colors to see what it would look like.

Also, paint and siding manufacturers print very nice brochures in order to sell their product and often have expertly chosen color combinations in them that they recommend.  You get the added bonus of seeing first hand in the pictures what it will look like.

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By Ryan Shields

Ryan is the Senior Editor here at Outdoor Home and Garden. He has a degree in Horticulture and has worked in the field of Facilities Management for over 16 years.

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  • This is really helpful for me! I have been having a difficult time deciding on colors and these tips have given me some good direction – Thanks!

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