Porch Ideas |10 Tips to Personalize & Decorate Your Porch


Door Makeover 

Put a fresh coat of paint on the door for a new look.  Also, install new house numbers directly on the door. These can be stenciled on, made of vinyl stickers or solid materials.  You can add a new door knocker, handle hardware or a metal kick plate on the bottom.

Use coffee tables and end tables 

This will create interest but also will serve a functional purpose of having a place for people to place their drinks.

Add interesting flooring options 

An outdoor rug or mat can create interest but there are also other ideas.  You can paint or stencil the floor with your own unique design using specially designed floor paint.


You can incorporate items such as signs, pictures, mirrors or artwork on the walls.  Also utilize your tables by putting picture frames, lamps and other artistic items.

Color opportunity 

Repaint your outdoor furniture with a bold new color is you would like or hand colorful decorations from the ceiling to create a new feel.

Add Sound 

Install waterproof outdoor sound system on your porch.  If you really want to get creative, incorporate the speakers into your landscaping.  Perhaps even have an indoor/outdoor system that plays the same music whether you are inside our outside.  You can also create sound by adding a fountain.  The sound of the water will create a great atmosphere.

Fixture upgrade 

For relatively low cost, updating your mailbox and light fixtures can be a way to create a new and inviting look.

Add weather resistant fabric to the design

By using throw pillows on your furniture or table coverings on your tables, it will help to soften the space and make it more cozy and relaxing.

Add flowers 

Having flowers on your porch in either hanging baskets or containers is a great way to add life, color and a sense of energy to your space.

Add a flag

You can attached a garden flagpole to a column on your porch to let your own unique flag flow in the breeze.  This creates movement, color and a sense of personality to the home.

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By Ryan Shields

Ryan is the Senior Editor here at Outdoor Home and Garden. He has a degree in Horticulture and has worked in the field of Facilities Management for over 16 years.

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  • Great ideas! I’ve been wanting to improve the look and curb appeal of my front porch and this has really helped. I know I can do several of these rather quickly and easily for a immediate effect.

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