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Out of all the improvements and additions to your home, perhaps none is easier, more impactful and inexpensive as cleaning what you already have.  Taking the time to do an annual cleaning makes your house look great and ensures the value of your home investment continues to stay up.

Considering that winter has just past in all of its mayhem, spring is the best time to roll up your sleeves and get to cleaning.  Here is a list of some of the items that usually require some attention after winter maintenance neglect.

Checklist and Tips

*  Apply a fresh topdressing of mulch, if needed.  About 1″ should suffice.

*  Check the gutters for debris and the roof while you are at it.  Be careful but get repairs done if necessary.  While you are up there check the soffits for possible repairs.

*  Clean the siding with a strong hose or pressure washer

*  Bring flower pots out of storage and prepare them for planting

*  Hose off the outside of the air conditioner.  Be sure the power is off to the unit.

*  Prune trees and shrubs as needed and pick up any sticks that have fallen during winter

*  Remove any landscape debris that has accumulated in corners, on the grass or in landscape beds.

*  Uncover the porch and patio furniture or bring them out of storage.

*  Wash the front porch, deck and railing and repaint or stain if needed

*  Wash exterior side of windows.  For taller windows, use long pole, and cleaner/squeegee combination available at home improvement stores.

*  Wipe down any light fixtures, mailbox, house numbers, door handles and other accessories

*  With a hose or pressure washer, wash the driveway.  Patch any cracks or holes.  If you have blacktop and it needs sealed, consider doing that also.


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By Ryan Shields

Ryan is the Senior Editor here at Outdoor Home and Garden. He has a degree in Horticulture and has worked in the field of Facilities Management for over 16 years.

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